What are CCA's guiding principles and values?

CCA at its core is oriented towards progress for all Concord residents—moving beyond the status quo to more balanced and just social conditions consistent with shared American guiding principles such as mutual respect, fairness, democracy, and the common good.  Principles are universal concepts which inform our values, methods and objectives. Values are those shared ideals which broadly guide our behavior and other choices. Methods are the means by which we will achieve our specific objectives. Quick summaries of our principles and values follow, further details are available here.

Core principles include: equity, equality of voice, freedom in the fullest sense, grassroots democracy and empowerment, cooperation and interdependence, and the common good

Core values include: mutual respect, dialogue, consensus, placing people first, strictly grassroots funding in politics, the moral priority of principles and values, and taking personal responsibility.

Concord Communities Alliance