Vision & Mission


Our Vision

The Concord Communities Alliance strives for a more affordable, inclusive, and respectful Concord for ALL residents, which we believe can be achieved through engagement, dialogue and empowerment.

Everyone should be able to comfortably live, work and raise a family here, move about Concord efficiently and sustainably, and do so in ways which respect and facilitate the ability of their neighbor to do the same.

We recognize that access to the full benefits of living in Concord is not shared equally, and addressing these imbalances is fundamental to building a better Concord for everyone. 

Our Mission

CCA exists to inform, organize and mobilize Concord residents to achieve more just and equitable conditions for all who call our city their home—to move beyond the status quo to political, economic and social conditions consistent with the shared American values of mutual respect, fairness, democracy, and the common good.

While CCA is built on important principles and values, our mission is to take action to ensure that these values are manifest in concrete programs, policies, and practices in the City of Concord, including ensuring greater accountability of City government to all residents.

All residents of Concord should have an equal voice in shaping city policies which bring about these objectives, which we pursue three ways:

  • One – political reforms to level the playing field between residents and privileged and financial interests, and to increase accountability of elected and appointed officials to residents. We support district election of city council members and the use of ranked choice voting.

We oppose independent expenditures in elections, and we only endorse candidates who do not take contributions from large commercial interests. The only influence in the outcome of elections should be the people's voices, rooted in truth, transparency, dialogue and the work to find common ground.


  • Two – economic reforms to increase fairness to residents and decrease the ability to commercial interests to dictate city policies. Specifically, giving priority to employee owned enterprises, ensuring collective bargaining and local labor clauses in all development contracts, giving priority to affordability and justice in existing housing and to inexpensive and effective public transit, and requiring extensive affordability components to all new development.


  • Three – community reforms which focus on livability, sustainability, and an atmosphere of mutual respect. Sustainable traffic mitigation measures are but one example; the broader goal is to transform Concord into communities where healthy and respectful choices are easier to make rather than harder.

A greater emphasis needs to be placed on making it possible for people to live AND work in Concord, and to reduce the worst aspects of forcing residents to work elsewhere and of forcing workers to live elsewhere. Healthy dialogue is the hallmark of a process that fosters mutual respect and balancing the reasonable and basic needs of all Concord residents.




Concord Communities Alliance