Transgender Day of Visibility

March 31st is the Transgender Day of Visibility.

It wasn't until 2016 that medical providers were required by law to cover transitional services through healthcare plans. This decision was in response to scientific research done from 2013 to 2015 on the biological nature of transgender identity. This shift in scientific understanding was one of the cultural flashpoints that pushed many centrist voters to Trump in the 2016 election. Now in 2022, conservative states are passing laws that deny transgender youth access to care and criminalize the parents and doctors who help transgender youth. Even transgender adults in some states are legally fighting to access restrooms, athletics, and other aspects of life.

In California, the political majority won't pass such laws against transgender people. However, there is an increasingly angry and increasingly dangerous Right-wing movement in our state that is fueled by social media, Conservative AM radio, far-right preachers, Fox News, and political punditry.

Everyone's sense of identity sits in our respective minds. The biological process that causes the discrepancy that transgender people have between the self and the body is scientifically understood. It is understood that anti-trans conversion therapy is harmful and unproductive. The correct course of therapy is for transgender people to adapt their outward appearance to their sense of self. Transitioning is a series of steps, done at age-appropriate times, with guidance from medical professionals.

It has only been 6 years since transitional care has been easily accessible. Now, an organized effort is trying to dismantle transgender rights where they can while villainizing the transgender community and their supporters.  Even in a state like California, this stochastic terrorism can cause harm, as anger can lead to violence. Given these circumstances, this year's Transgender Day of Visibly is important to recognize.

Written by Natalie, a fellow Concord Communities Alliance member

Transgender Day of Visibility Event Flyer

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