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Call to Action: Oppose the Drones proposal on Oct 12

Is Concord ready for police drones?

Here are CCA, we don't think so. And we'll explain further below. But first, we encourage you to contact your city council member (click here) and let them know you oppose rushing through the process of implementing drones for police use in Concord. Because that's exactly what's happening. And then there are the questions about the source of grant funds, whose private interests may not be aligned with the public interests of Concord residents.

Drones can have a positive impact on some parts of police work. But even police industry support groups recommend implementing them in a way which invites key stakeholders - especially residents - into a process which develops policies, puts in place important control procedures and oversight, and is fully transparent. That hasn't happened between the first mention of a police drones program earlier this year and the proposal to implement a program which is on the city council agenda on Tuesday, Oct 12.

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