CCA Condemns the City Council Seeno Decision


  • CCA strongly opposes the recent decision by 3 city council members - Tim McGallian, Edi Birsan, and Dominic Aliano - to pursue negotiations with a Seeno led development group regarding the CNWS project. Articulate and informed public comments shared publicly available information which typically should disqualify any development candidate.

  • Public comment also noted that the qualifications of the group as presented did not compare favorably to the other two proposals. Participants in the Seeno development group have a record of suing government entities who get in their way. 

  • Birsan led arguments in favor of Seeno using criteria which would have disqualified Lennar, an anti-labor developer whom he supported in 2016. This has led many Concord residents to speculate angrily on social media that political influence drove the decision, since qualifications, character and credibility apparently did not. 

  • At CCA, we oppose decision making on the City Council which ignores credible and relevant information, most especially when that information is the basis for broad public sentiment that is clearly against the decision. We know of no other way to describe the vote by the 3 council members than as a violation of public trust. 

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CCA launches its new website!

This summer, CCA rolled out a whole new website.

It is part of the NationBuilder platform, which supports a variety of tools of great value to community groups who want to Inform - Organize - Mobilize (which just happens to be a core part of CCA’s mission). 

Concord is our home, and like most homes Concord is both a place of wonderful community and a place that needs some fixing up. CCA’s mission is to bring people together to make Concord a better place to live, starting with those for whom life in Concord may not be so wonderful. But in this digital age, that takes a whole variety of tools, and a website is just the beginning. 

In addition to a website, our new platform offers a number of capabilities:

  • Contact database
  • Emailing tool - and text messaging as well! 
  • Sign-up forms of various types - for our newsletter, to volunteer
  • News articles and blog posts
  • Events listing
  • Petitions and surveys
  • Donations support
  • Social media tools
  • And a special suite of tools for on the ground organizing

These tools are purpose built to help us share information, to invite people to get involved, and most especially to come together at those critical moments when expressing a shared vision is important. 

We invite comments, questions, and discussion, and we hope this website prompts a lot of that. That’s one way of building community. Just so you know, we do require that you create an account with at least your name and email address before you comment - at CCA, we think being open and transparent is the best way to enter into healthy dialogue, so we don’t support anonymous commenting. You can also sign in with your social media account if you prefer! 

We invite you to sign up for our newsletter (there’s a form to the right), read a little more about us, and watch for our posts on social media. If what we are doing resonates with you, look at the events page to see when our next meeting is. Or just go ahead and join CCA (click the link on the lower right). 

There’s a lot of good things that can be accomplished in Concord when we come together to tackle them. We hope this new website helps to make that happen. 

Concord Communities Alliance