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Tell the Concord City Council where you stand!

Special message guidance - "I'm very disappointed, and I vote!"

Your City Council member needs to hear from you. Use this message template - and copy in the right email address below.

Subject: Your Seeno decision disappoints me. I'll will remember it. 

cc: [email protected]

[Please add a personal statement at the beginning - many council members don't take emails seriously if they don't appear to be personal. If you are writing to the council member for your district, remind them that they represent you. Conclude with the following or similar:]

In short, I didn't support negotiating with the Seeno group. I'm disappointed that you don't take your voters more seriously. I'm going to do what I can to end the status quo in Concord. 

[Add your name and "I live in District x"]

We strongly encourage you to offer a succinct, personal perspective in your messages to City Council members.

Email your City Council Member

Concord is composed of 5 City Council Districts. CCA supported the move to districts in 2018, read more here. 

You should start by contacting the council member who represents your district (see the map below if you're not sure).

District 1 - Laura Hoffmeister, [email protected], Facebook

District 2 - Carlyn Obringer, [email protected], Facebook, Twitter

District 3 - Dominic Aliano, [email protected]

District 4 - Edi Birsan, [email protected], Facebook, Twitter

District 5 - Tim McGallian, [email protected], Facebook, Twitter

General City Council - [email protected]

City Council members need to hear from their constituents - you. Whether by phone, email, as a comment at a city council meeting, or an in person conversation, they should be guided by what they hear from the people who they represent. Here's the quick way to do that, with further details below.

By phone, all council members - 925-671-3158.

By mail, all council members - Concord City Council, 1950 Parkside Drive, MS/01, Concord CA 94519

General information about the Concord City Council is available here (City of Concord webpage).

You can look up your district by entering your address into this webpage: My Concord District

Here's a current map of the Concord City Council Districts. Please note that these are expected to change in 2022 due to the availability of new census data.


To make a comment at a Concord City Council meeting

An important way to communicate with the city council is by making a comment at a city council meeting. These can be done in person, or by sending an emailed or mailed letter. Comments at City Council meetings are generally limited to 3 minutes, or 2 minutes if there a many speakers.

Written: All comments received before 3:00 pm the day of the meeting will be posted on the City’s website as “Correspondence” under the relevant agenda item and provided to the City Council members prior to the meeting.

  • Email comments to [email protected]
  • If you are commenting on a particular item on the agenda, please identify the agenda item number and letter.
  • If you are commenting on an item not listed on the agenda, please identify your comment as a General Public Comment.

In person: comments can either be read by the City Clerk during public comment for the item, or comments can be made in person (video conference or at the council chambers)

  • Email a comment for a specific agenda item to [email protected] when the Mayor opens public comment for the item. Write "Read Aloud at Meeting" at the top of the message. If you miss the window for comments, it will not be read but will be included in the record.
  • Use Zoom to participate in the meeting, and use the "raise hand" feature (*9 if connecting by phone). You will be called in turn. Don't forget to unmute.



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