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Seeno: Will some Council members ignore their voters?

And what should be done if they do?

On August 25, the Concord Communities Alliance (CCA) invited Concord residents to sign a petition requesting that the City Council reverse their August 21 decision selecting the Seeno group as a master developer candidate for the Concord Naval Weapons Station. More than 1,775 people agreed and signed. A clear majority of public comments on August 21st was against Seeno. And a wide majority of the signers of that petition are clearly identifiable as Concord voters, and many more are likely to be Concord residents. We have the data, just keep reading. Will some City Council members ignore their voters? At CCA, we think public sentiment data is relevant and important, because we think residents' opinions matter. And we know many Concord residents don't just agree with us. They also vote. 

Email the City Council - Click the link for complete instructions.


CNWS Development - A Perspective and a Timeline

Kathy Gleason is a founding member of the CNWS Neighborhood Alliance, a group which was founded to give community members a voice in the development decision making process, and which grew to 1,800 families. Her experience with the Reuse Project process is invaluable, and CCA shares these observations - written last month - as both a record of successes and failures in the process, but also to preserve a terrific example of community engagement. 


An Open Letter to the Concord City Council


  • CCA requests, with all due respect, that Concord City Council
    • designate the Seeno group's submission to the CNWS RFQ as non-responsive,
    • terminate further consideration of their participation and any negotiations with them, and
    • start talking to one of the other candidates.
  • At CCA, many of our members favor opening discussions with Brookfield Properties. But first, end consideration of the Seeno group's non-responsive submission

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