Building a better Concord for All!

We are Concord residents working together for more just and equitable conditions for all in Concord – a better Concord for all. We share the goal of making Concord a place of mutual respect, fairness,  and real democracy, focused on the common good. Join us!

Here are some things you can do right now!

Take Action! No Downtown Stadium

The Concord City Council is in the process of negotiating with a developer who proposes to build an 18,000 seat stadium in downtown Concord. We don’t think this is a good idea.

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  • Regular meetings – 2nd Wednesday each month, 6-8pm at Casa Del Alfajor, 1665 Willow Pass Road.
  • Thursdays at the Farmer’s Market

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CCA’s approach


CCA places a high priority on the free flow of relevant information between Concord residents. We’re all about helping residents get up to speed on subjects that are important to us all.


CCA members engage at all levels – with each other, with residents and neighborhoods, with the city council and staff, with city boards and commissions – to ensure that Concord works for everyone.


Inclusivity and accountability are critical to ensuring that Concord balances the needs of all residents in an equitable way. CCA strives to empower all voices socially, economically, and politically.